Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Container Homes 

When it comes to container homes, more and more people are becoming entice with the idea of having more comfortable, cheaper, and easy-to-build houses that can be permanent and temporary depending on how you would like it. The Kubed interior design service provides the best shipping container house designs you can ever find in the market. However, before you plunge into the decision of creating and building one, you need to now some of the important details about this house. So, here are the few commonly asked questions we get from the customers and the answers to the questions. 

1.Is it expensive to build a shipping container house? 

The answer is no. Compared to the traditional house where you need to pay for the lot, foundation, and other expensive construction materials, shipping container house is relatively cheap. In fact, it has become popular because of its affordability feature. A typical container can cost up to $80,000 and is considered to be one of the cheapest houses you can built-in these times. In addition, some other companies, depending on the materials and construction process, can even build some shipping container house between $20,000 and $60,000.  

2.How Can I built my Own Shipping Container at home? 

There are people who want to build their own container through DIY. Also, building a home will never be easy, and the shipping container is no exception to this. If you want to create your own DIY, we recommend that you see our guide.  

3.Is it Important to Insulate my Shipping Container House? 

Insulating your shipping container house is one of the most important things you need to do after creating or building your shipping container. When you do not provide proper insulation for your shipping container or when the insulation you provide is inadequate, living in it will be very unbearable. This is because the shipping container insulates heat because of the metal it uses for its construction. This is one of the cons of living in a container home. It will be cold during winter and will be scorching hot when it is summer.  

4.How Long Will it Lasts?  

Shipping containers can be durable and you can expect it to last up at least 25 years, which is a great investment especially when you are living temporarily. The very important thing you need to consider is the maintenance to ensure that you will be keeping it free from rust that can cause faster corrosion of the metal material, which, unfortunately, composes all the construction material of the shipping container house. Also, if you clad your house with an external layer such as concrete or wood, it can last even longer. Treat rust as soon as possible. 

5.How and Where Can I Find Shipping Container Home Plans? 

There are many companies that provide this kind of service. However, you need to take note that not all companies are created the same. This is where researching for a good company becomes very essential. Search on the Internet the best company that provides the best service and high-quality materials.